About Atlantic Sky

Note: I will not be breeding Doves or lovebirds anymore. To many little guy’s at local shelters and advertised, in desperate need of loving homes.

I am a small hobby breeder of Ringneck Doves, Cockatiel’s, Lovebirds. I am located in Gould’s, Newfoundland.

Presently I am owned by 2 Hahn’s Macaws, 2 Senegals, 6 Cockatiel’s, 7 lovebirds, 1 finches, 13 Doves and a lone Budgie. No need for alarm clocks in my house. No empty nest syndrome either. As my children left the nest, I had no need for sewing room etc. I transformed all my spare rooms into birdie resorts. I can now add my living room to the list.

All my feathered darlings are treated with respect. They have free flight/special time daily. I am fortunate to work from home, this gives me lots of one on one with my guy’s.  As a matter of fact, Some have their cage doors left open at all times. Of course they are in secure/bird safe rooms. They know the routine when it comes to bed time. They all head for their tents/hideouts/comfy perch  to be tucked in. Their is one exception. 2 zebra finches (katie and Lisa) that just live outside of a cage, They do have one, but only pop in to visit it. They love to hang out in the tree or their newest spot Jollyball that Jo made  from (healthy Bird)

All my Birdies start off their day with a healthy buffet breakfast. Mashes, birdie bread, scrambled eggs,veggies. they are offered fresh foods 3 times daily. I have music/tv’s in all rooms and of course a comfy chair for me. Check out some of the photo’s to see their play areas. Toy’s are replaced/changed monthly. As being birds and in nature would forage for their food, I do not place their treats in sight. They have to forage for them, I hide them every where and place them in foraging toy’s. This cut’s down on bordom and is stimulating.

I am closed to the general public, but do take appointments.


2 Responses

  1. Hi, I wanted to say thank you for the amazing lovebirds we purchased from you. They are the sweetest birds I have ever owned. I can see why you are so highly recommended. You put so much care and love into the hand taming and feeding, its no wonder they are so great. They love the birdy breads and are spoiled to death.So I wanted to say thank you again and I will be definitly be buying all my birds from you in the future. Good luck with everything and I am sure anyone buying a feathered friend from you will be more then happy with them.
    take care,

  2. I wandered here from your online store. Beautiful blog! I enjoyed seeing pictures of your cockatiels. Someday when I own my own home I would love to be as blessed as you are with so many gorgeous and noisy animals! :p

    Right now I am simply looking forward to when I can order from your store. The budgies must receive tribute or they get cranky at me! *gulp!*
    Just kidding! 😀

    Later, have a great day!

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